Stuff I've made:


Snake is a clone of the classic game made popular by Nokia phones in the late 90s. You control a snake whose goal is to eat as many apples and grow as large as possible. If you hit the wall or bite your tail it's game over. This game is written in Zig and uses NanoVG to render its vector-based graphics.

Matrix Text Effect

This is a recreation of the green text rain effect from the movie The Matrix (1999). I didn't want to replicate the effect exactly as it is in the movie (i.e., it's lacking 3D depth and glow). But I wanted to go with a cleaner and simpler look that I prefer.

Mini City

Mini City is a procedurally generated city on a small grid. 17 different types of vehicles race tirelessly through its road network. You can control the camera freely or follow any vehicle on its journey through the city.

Mini Pixel

Mini Pixel aims to be a tiny pixel art editor which is accessible and fun to use. It is inspired by classic pixel art editors such as Window 2000's Paint, IDraw3 and Graphics Gale. Mini Pixel doesn't want to overwhelm you with features and lets you embrace its constraints to simply focus on your art.

Zig Gorillas

Zig Gorillas is a clone of the classic QBasic Gorillas in the Zig programming language.

Take turns in throwing an exploding banana at each other. Specify angle and velocity of your throw while taking the blowing wind into consideration.